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One word - gorgeous! Made for VFC by the dope Zparts Airsoft, this is one of the finest lookin' GBBR DMRs. Attention to detail on this BB blaster is straight up nuts & recoil is one of the best in the game  - super snappy but feels heavy.


Key specs:

  • Licensed by KAC
  • 13.5" URX 3.1 handguard
  • New Patented "GuideHOP" Adjusting Design 
  • Steel AmbidextrousFire Control Set
  • New Designed "Non-Cut Lever" Steel Hammer Set 
  • Realistic Field Stripping 
  • High-Speed Weight Increased Buffer Unit


Data sheet:

Lenght (mm)1,040
Weight3838 g
Main colorFDE
Thread type14mm CCW
Firing modeSemi
Attachment SystemPicatinny 
MagazineReal-cap (20 BBs)
Power sourceGreen Gas or Top Gas
Power (FPS)400 (@ 0.20gr)


VFC licensed KAC M110K1 SASS GBBR (V3 System Guide-Hop) DX

SKU: VF2-LM110K1-TN01
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      Being in full knowledge of the airsoft laws in your country and buying knowingly, DEVTSIX cannot be responsible in the case of illegal importation.
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    • In case of internal modifications the warranty will be void.
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