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Starting out as a group of friends in 2009 – now a worldwide entity; DEVTSIX is an international community of Special Operations enthusiasts.

Spanning across the globe with dedicated operational teams in United States of America, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Portugal and Thailand, our interests are united in our appreciation for the Special Operations Communities.

We also run very active MILSIM / MIL / LE guru communities on our phpBB forum and Discord server; so feel free to join and be a part of the discussions about what piece of 2$ nylon is currently in vogue.

DEVTSIX Store was established in 2022 with the sole purpose of providing the global MILSIM community access to quality products that will allow them to take weekend BBwarz to a new level. Whether you are a hardened MILSIM guru or have just begun your MISLIM journey - you will always be welcomed and appreciated here. 

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