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The HANDHOOK was created as a low profile handstop to give the end user the ability to have a consistent indexing point when driving their rifle onto targets.



  • ergonomic angle for proper hand placement on handguard
  • comfortable width for consistent indexing
  • proprietary labyrinth grip texture allows the end user to maintain a better grip while in adverse conditions including snow, freshwater, saltwater, and sweat.
  • rear is flat for pulling into barricades utilizing a negative load 
  • stainless steel mounting mlok hardware included 
  • nylon 12 (notable for its exceptional impact strength, heat resistent up to 300+ degrees, and even at low temperatures; its ability to flex without fracture is unmatched)


  • designed and manufactured in the USA
  • dimensions : 1.54" x 0.61" x 1.57"


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