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This is "THE CLASSIC" when it comes to miniature reflex sights & for cloning all the cool SOCOM blasters - from pistols to RECCE builds. Evolution Gear did a fantastic job with this one, as opposed to the rest of clones, this one has correct screw size and functions like the real one.  



  • Comes with RMR-correct screws (bigger than other airsoft clone RMRs) as it's a faithful clone to Trijicon's RMR. 
  • To turn on, hold + button for 5 seconds (as with a real RMR).

Evolution Gear RMR -type red dot

SKU: EVG-057
    • For airsoft use only.
    • Suitable for use on GBBs (will hold zero without issues).
    • This is a toy product that cannot be used on real firearms.
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