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It's widely known that a 3x magnifier is a force multiplier for large scale LARPing sessions. Track your BBs and enhance your PID abilities on the field with EG's G33-type replica with SOCOM correct markings - truly a staple of any SOF clone BB blaster build. 


Why we're selling it without a mount? Because we want to give you the option to select the mount that best suits your needs - be it classic flip-to-side, 2.23" flip-to-center if you use a Unity mount for your T1 / T2 or EXPS, or a 2.91" flip-to-center if you use a Hydra mount for your T1 / T2 or EXPS.


Mounts can be purchased here:

Evolution Gear G33 -type 3x magnifier (2023 version - QR code)

    • This is magnifier only! Does not come with a mount.
    • For airsoft use only.
    • This is a toy product that cannot be used on real firearms.
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