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DEVTSIX skeletonized velcro covers


Give your Ops Core helmet some new gUcCi velcro covers to stunt on ya homies during intense LARPin' sessions in you mom's basement. Made from genuine Multicam and unobtanioum AOR1 - imported directly from the US; so no "desert digital" / chinese AOR1 sh!t. Straight up cool guy Multicam and AOR1.


We also have female velcro kits (black) if you're still rockin' the old type Ops Core velcro & want to upgrade to the new type. You can find them here: DEVTSIX velcro kits. Don't worry, the velcro covers will perfectly "cover" the black female velcro kits so you won't look like a dork rockin' black female velcro on a MC / Tan Ops Core. 


Velcro covers and velcro kits have been pre-cut using genuine Ops Core velcro dimensions, so no cuttin' corners on these badboys.


Made for us by the dope Kutso Gear from UK, these laser cut velcro covers will last for a long time & give you +2 BB warz dress-up points.  

DEVTSIX skeletonized velcro covers

    • Shipping is from European Union
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