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Brave Castle V2 SMG BRV Shingle


Built to be sleek and sturdy, the BRV SHINGLE is a low profile elastic mag retention system for stripped down plate carriers. Any plate carrier that has an overlapping velcro front closure will accept this SMG shingle. (Trex arms AC1, Ferro Concepts Slickster & FCPC and models like it)

The cummerbund closure seals this mag retention system close to the chest. The elastic is tight enough to retain magazines and pliable enough for quick removal. This shingle is built for MPX, STRIBOG, CZ, and MP5 style magazines ( B&T is doable in this shingle but due to the dimensions and its straight structure it is a little loose, I recommend the V1 SMG shingle built for glock) and magazines with similar dimensions. The front of the shingle has double layered velcro Loop to sturdy the form and webbing is at the bottom to prevent over insertion and defeating mags from dropping out. Uniquely designed and built in the USA.

Do to limited access to material, colors are expected to change, though the cummerbund typically hides the entirety of the retention system.

Brave Castle V2 SMG BRV Shingle

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