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MICRO Instruments Case - MIC Admin Pouch


Introducing the MIC Admin Pouch, meticulously designed to seamlessly complement the BCR1 chest rig. This pouch features a versatile design with two zippered pockets, offering practicality and functionality for your gear.


The primary top-loading zippered pocket boasts dual corded zipper pulls, providing easy access to its contents. Inside, you'll find front and back walls lined with Velcro loop material, allowing for the attachment of Velcro organizers. Notably, the main pocket cleverly opens at a 90-degree angle, serving as an efficient workspace for tasks, even accommodating a MAX-sized iPhone within a large case. To enhance utility, two drainage rivets at the pocket's base are accompanied by two shock cord hangers for convenient tourniquet storage.


The secondary front pocket of the MIC is perfect for organizing smaller essentials like pens, tools, batteries, and other compact equipment.


Attaching the MIC to the front of your BCR1 is a breeze. It securely fastens via a field of hook Velcro, augmented by two one-wrap securing straps. These 1" wide one-wrap straps discreetly sit behind the BCR1 placard flaps, ensuring a firm and reliable mount to your chest rig. Even during challenging maneuvers like crawling or pushing through dense vegetation, the 4" long securing straps keep the MIC securely in place, instilling confidence in the protection of your sensitive equipment.


Crafted from robust 1000D cordura material in the iconic M81 woodland pattern, the MIC exhibits exceptional build quality that harmonizes with any BCR1 color variation. Its durable cordura fabric, combined with the added Velcro security, eliminates hesitation when transitioning into prone positions or navigating through demanding environments.


In summary, the MIC Admin Pouch is the ideal companion for your BCR1 chest rig, delivering reliability, versatility, and ruggedness. Elevate your gear setup with this purpose-built pouch.

Brave Castle MICRO Instruments Case - MIC Admin Pouch

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