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BCR-1 Elastic Cummerbund Chest Rig

Made in the USA by FirstSpear


Note: BCR-1 comes with Brave Castle's 556 Shingle.


Introducing the BCR-1, a highly adaptable elastic cummerbund-style chest rig engineered to accommodate magazine shingles of various calibers. With its innovative design, you can effortlessly stack and interchange magazine shingles to tailor your loadout precisely to your needs.


The elastic cummerbund isn't just about convenience—it provides a superior fit that molds to the wearer's torso, ensuring unparalleled stability during dynamic movements. Whether you're in a high-stress scenario or simply seeking a comfortable and secure solution, the BCR-1 has you covered. Elevate your gear setup with this game-changing chest rig.


Versatile and Modular:

The BCR-1 excels in modularity, accommodating various equipment storage needs. It features a Velcro closure system on the front placard, making it easy to swap shingles for different magazine sizes to adapt to different weapon systems and loadout requirements.


Quick and Easy On/Off:

Designed for rapid donning and doffing, the BCR-1 eliminates the hassle of putting on chest rigs. The FIRSTSPEAR TUBES SYSTEM ensures a secure and snug fit, allowing for swift directional changes, sprints, and athletic maneuvers.


Upgrade to a TUBES System:

You can convert your Velcro closure plate carrier to a FIRSTSPEAR TUBES SYSTEM by removing the shoulder straps, back sizing panel, and placing the placard on the front Velcro field on your plate carrier. The cummerbunds replace your existing ones. A plate carrier with a contained back Velcro panel is necessary for proper use.


Multiple Pockets:

The BCR-1 includes 556-sized cell pockets on the left side cummerbund and one 556-sized cell pocket and one 4" med pocket cell on the right side cummerbund. The 4" pocket features multiple loop fields for additional modular pouches (sold separately).


How to Measure Your Torso:

Proper measurement ensures a comfortable and proper fit. Measure around your torso, approximately 1.5"-4" above the belly button, where a properly fit plate carrier would sit. If you don't have a tailor's tape, use a string or masking tape, mark the meeting point, and measure it with a ruler. Double-check your measurement to ensure accuracy.

Ensure a perfect fit with the BCR-1, your versatile and adaptable chest rig solution. Order yours today and experience its outstanding performance.


Brave Castle BCR-1 Elastic Cummerbund Chest Rig

PriceFrom €309.90
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