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Airsoft Artisan URX6 -type MLOK handguard (AEG / MWS / GBB / PTW)


URX6 is the newest iteration of KAC handguards, which has gained its notoriety due to Royal Marines' (UK) KS-1 rifle. All we can say is that Royal Marines know what's up & that they probably got one of the best issued rifles globally. 


If you want to semi-clone the KS-1 or just want to rock what's latest and greatest, Airsoft Artisan's URX6 -type handguard is for you. Oddly Artisan calls it the "new type UX MLOK handguard"...  



  • 10.75" length.
  • Made from 6 series aluminium.
  • Anodized color finish.
  • Please note that you need a aftermarket barrel spacer to work with the MWS platform (AngryGun, G&P, etc. or you can even make one yourself as a neat DIY project).

Airsoft Artisan 10.75" URX6 -type MLOK handguard

Out of Stock
    • For airsoft use only.
    • This is a toy product that cannot be used on real firearms.
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