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QILO x BCS Nordwind WR Anorak in Southwest Camo®

We've opened up pre-orders for QILO's new BCS collab. Estimated shipping of orders will be 25,4,2024.

QILO x BCS Nordwind WR Anorak in Southwest Camo®


A new era in QILO’s development of technical outerwear.

Featuring 4-Way Stretch & Water Resistance 💧

The all-new Nordwind WR Anorak in collaboration with QILO's friends at Black Canyon Systems. We have yet to find a style that doesn’t look stellar in their Southwest Camo® print. This release marks the first technical outerwear collab between QILO & BCS.


The Nordwind series is an elevated line of performance-driven technical outerwear. Cut-and-sewn with uncompromising standards by the same production teams that create pieces for Arc’Teryx & Stone Glacier.

In past releases, our outerwear pieces have included one of four key technical features below. The Nordwind series combines two to three of the following features in a given piece.

  • Water Resistance

  • 4-Way Stretch

  • Insulation

  • Breathability

This Anorak & Jogger set is constructed of 4-way ripstop stretch shell with water repellant coating. The pieces feature silicone-dipped drawstring tips, YKK zippers, and PVC rubber-embossed logo patches.

QILO x BCS Nordwind WR Anorak in Southwest Camo®

You can secure your piece here:


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