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QILO Tactical now in stock

We have finally added QILO products to our shop, making their products finally more available in Europe!

QILO tactical x Whitephosphor Sherp in Blue Choco
Qilo x Whitephosphor Sherp


Keep an eye out on our newsletter to get information on new QILO drops and expected stock dates.

Our first drop includes QILO tactical collabs with Whitephosphor and Americana Pipedream Apparel, as well as products from the "From Kabult with Love" collection.


QILO x Whitephosphor Sherpin Blue Choco


QILO Watercolor Hoodie in Ghazni

QILO War Rug Microfleece Hoodie

QILO RPG Embroidered Hoodie

QILO Kabul Kayaking Crewneck

QILO Fleece Hoodie in Frogskin

QILO War Rug EDC Short in Panjshir

QILO EDC Short MK II in Choco Chip

QILO EDC Short in M1942 Frogskin

QILO x Americana Pipedream Apparel Prison Wallet in Omani DPM


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