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Legit EXPS versus Holy Warrior EXPS clone

A side-by-side comparison of a legit EXPS3 with Holy Warrior's EXPS3 clone. Of course, the key differentiator is the technology itself, as Holy Warrior's clone is still in itself just a red dot and not a true holographic sight.

Overall, HW did a great job at cloning EXPS's look and will serve just fine for your weekend LARPin' sessions.

Photo dump:

Holy Warrior EXPS is on the DD MK18, whereas the legit EXPS is on the MK16.

Holy Warrior EXPS (top) - 1

Holy Warrior EXPS (bottom) - 2

Holy Warrior EXPS - 3

Legit EoTEch EXPS - 1

Holy Warrior EXPS - 4

Legit EoTEch EXPS - 2


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