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CQB course SOP / TPP development with Blackbear Solution

With the help from the ex-SF guys at Blackbeat Solution we set up a way for MILSIM/reenactor teams to get some training in, develop their SOPs and have some fun along the way. Courses tailored to your needs from CQB basics to a weekend of Reality Based scenario training are now available through this collaboration. The climax of the season will once again focus around Summer Breeze, the week-long immersive training experience.

NVG or low light scenarios included

Purposely built kill houses based on realistic house dimensions

Possibility of running simmunition is also available

All activities are based out of Black Bears training facility SITE-B in Novo Mesto, SI. Accommodation is available on site or in local hotels we have partnered with, depending on your needs and requirements. Sustainment will also be taken care of, all programs are priced ALL-IN, including equipment rental, consumables and catering.

Blackbear Solution x Training Group group photoatSiteB

Triarri Group (US) running their CQB course at Site B

Courses include VFC URGI GBBRs to enhance weapon handling realism

If your team is interested in setting something up, send us an email over to or slide into our DMs via IG ( and well be happy to help you out.

Courses will cover your team's SOP / TPP development in compressed environments

Training Group doing ENDEX scenario planning

Courses are offered in English language

All you need is your plate carriers / chest rigs & helmets. The rest is provided on site


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