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Build your DEVGRU BB shredder with a DD 416 handguard

One of the most iconic HK416 builds is the DEVGRU one, which uses the DD 416 handguard; one could say that it was "ahead of its time" as it used a proprietary mounting mechanism akin to the later developed keymod and MLOK.

DG 416 variants, one with the DD 416 handguard

DD 416 rail, AAC can and LA5C UHP

This one most likely belongs to an embedded enabler, like 24th STS

Kryloned one

If you want to build something similar to the builds shown above, we got some key parts for you in stock:

  • Airsoft Artisan DD 416 handguard clone

  • Airsoft Artisan M4 2000 suppressor clone

  • Evolution Gear SU231a clone

  • HolyWarrior SU231a clone

  • Somogear LA5C UHP

  • Evolution Gear G33 clone

  • SOTAC WML clone

  • WADSN WML (long) clone

  • Gear Aid Camoform fabric wrap in Desert Digital


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