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Brave Castle in stock

We're super stoked to be add Brave Castle to our shop.

You've probably already seen Slade running Brave Castle's BCR1 in Multicam Black:

We've meet Loren from Brave Castle at ShotShow & immediatelly kicked it off.

Brave Castle BCR-1 Elastic Cummerbund Chest Rig

Made in the USA by FirstSpear 

Introducing the BCR-1, a highly adaptable elastic cummerbund-style chest rig engineered to accommodate magazine shingles of various calibers. With its innovative design, you can effortlessly stack and interchange magazine shingles to tailor your loadout precisely to your needs. The elastic cummerbund isn't just about convenience—it provides a superior fit that molds to the wearer's torso, ensuring unparalleled stability during dynamic movements. Whether you're in a high-stress scenario or simply seeking a comfortable and secure solution, the BCR-1 has you covered. Elevate your gear setup with this game-changing chest rig.

We also have Brave Castle's other products in stock, such as the Brave Castle MICRO Instruments Case - MIC Admin Pouch, V1.5 556 Shingle and V2 SMG Shingle.


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