• Get CAG'ed out with the HW RZR GEN II 1-6x LPVO. Has correct markings which we can’t show here for known reasons - send us a DM or contact us via Chat below to get the photos.


    The package contains:

    • HW RZR GEN II 1-6x LPVO
    • HW G-type DE LPVO mount 1.54"
    • HW killflash
    • HW RMR (nylon version)
    • HW throwlever
    • HW REPTlLlA-type RMR mount


    Note: as with real items, the anodizing process can lead to slight variations in coloring. Get in touch via Instagram or Facebook to discuss.  

    HW CAG RZR GEN II 1-6x LPVO with RMR

    € 389,90Price
      • Shipped from European Union.
      • For airsoft use only.
      • This is a toy product that cannot be used on real firearms.
      • Cannot ship to United States and Russia.