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Airsoft Artisan dummy training suppressor (new gen)


Whilst not the most subtle solution, the mock training suppressor has become a modern staple for any CQB builds. Throw on some stickers on this bad boy and this will surely turn some heads at your local BB field. 


This is the new gen, which comes with a rubber adapter if you want to use the training suppressor like a real Blue Can (so just push it on your flash hider) or a threaded adapter for attaching it directly to your barrel threads.



  • Has spacing to install an ACEtech AT2000R or ACEtech Blaster.
  • Suitable for 14mm counter-clockwise threaded barrels.

Airsoft Artisan dummy training suppressor (new gen)

    • For airsoft use only.
    • This is a toy product that cannot be used on real firearms.
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