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Legit FCPC V5 versus PEW Tactical FCPC V5 clone

Updated: Sep 15

Introduction: we always believed that good clone gear is a viable alternative for anyone that 1) doesn't have funds for legit products (i.e., a legit L4G24 will offset you ~ 700 EUR for a new one) 2) considers airsoft as a side hobby 3) just started airsofting.
Everyone should purchase legit products if their funds allow it and type of usage dictates it, as it supports manufacturers that put a lot of time and resources into designing and R&D-ing producs. But the economic reality is that clone gear will always be available. How many non-Chinese "garage shops" make a variant of the Spiritus MK4? A lot. How much clone gear is currently effectively used in Ukraine? A lot.
Does it make sense to buy clone gear? Again - depends. For a casual LARPer, who is cool with clone gear / has other hobbies that he/she funds / can't afford legit products, clone gear will work just fine & is damn better than the alternatives.
Down the line, good clone gear can always be sold & legit products bought.

Here are some side-by-side comparisons of a legit FCPC V5 and Pew Tactical's clone. As it can be seen on photos, it's quite difficult to differentiate between the two, without checkin' the tags on products. If you have the funds, definitely go for legit one & support Ferro which we love, but if you're tight on cash / don't care / plan to upgrade later on, Pew Tactical makes a superb clone.

Photo dump:

Legit FCPC is the one above (with magazines)

Legit FCPC on the right, Pew Tactical on the left

Pew Tactical FCPC

Legit FCPC

Legit FCPC is the one above

Legit FCPC is the one above

Legit FCPC is the one above

Legit FCPC cummerbund on the left / Pew Tactical on the right

Legit FCPC is the one above

Legit FCPC on the right & Pew Tactical on the left

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